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The DEF has changed its name to Diocesan Evangelcal Network. It is intended that a new website will be created to replace this one and therefore this site only contains old information.

The Chairman is Stephen Corbett at St Gabriel’s Blackburn.

The admin person is Matthew Robinson,  Assistant Curate at the Trinity Parish, Blackpool 

We are a fellowship of Evangelicals within the Church of England Diocese of Blackburn. Our meetings are open to all.

We offer diocese-wide fellowship for those who hold Evangelical views with a love of the Lord and a belief in the authority of the Scriptures at heart.

There are regular fellowship meetings each year and occasional study days. To these we invite high-­‐calibre speakers.

DEF aims to be a focus of support and encouragement to Evangelicals, people and parishes, in their Gospel work.

We seek to give a positive contribution to the diocese from our theological position and address issues as they arise.

DEF encourages members to seek election to all positions in the diocese and to support Evangelical General Synod members.

The Blackburn Diocesan Evangelical Fellowship seeks to advance and teach the special emphasis on the unique authority and inspiration of all canonical scripture. We aim to extend biblical teaching in the diocese so that personal faith in the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ shall be proclaimed and enjoyed in the parishes.

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